Show, don’t tell.

Curiosity is insatiable. The hunger for understanding that compelled our ancient ancestors to stare into the night sky and ponder the stars is the same innate force that fascinates us today: with the past, with the world around us, and with the future.

At Level Up, producing documentaries is where our passion thrives. Knowledge is capable of enabling so much good in the world. Through film, people can become more familiar and understanding with one another, their habits could change to benefit themselves, their communities, and our planet as a whole. Innovation driven by human curiosity has created the world we live in today, and it will define the world our children inherit in the future.

Our team is nothing if not curious. Whether your story occurs in the past or a far away place, under the ocean or under a microscope, we’re interested. To learn every day is to be forever young, and we approach every documentary project with fresh eyes, an open mind, and humility. We’ve enjoyed producing documentaries for theatrical release, television, and streaming. If you are seeking to produce a documentary or educational series, Level Up has the experience and inspiration to be your production partner.

Learn about our Emmy award-winning documentary
UNFILTERED: The Truth About Oysters

What Our Clients Say

Laura Johnson
Tallahassee, Florida

Truly exceptional talent, vision, and professionalism.

Gary Yordon
Tallahassee, Florida

If you have an interest in getting it done right, look no further…

Claire VanSusteren
Miami, Florida

Josh and Gaby are creative, professional, detail-oriented, and willing to do what it takes to deliver a beautiful product that meets and exceeds expectations for me and my clients. From green screen to on-site filming, promos to feature-length television shows, Level Up is my go-to video production team.

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